photo retouch philosophy


What is retouching, anyway? Well, you should ask what is NOT? It's not a game or a 5-minute youtube tutorial. More than bare photoshopping. People think everybody can retouch nowdays who has enough patience. Then, good luck for them!

Retouching is a profession, and takes many years experience to be professional in it. It's purpose to render the exact picture the photographer imagined. Fine-tuning the image, paying attention to every tiny detail with hard work. It's not for turning low-quality, really bad photos to not-so-bad, but still under average, but making normal to better, better to best.

photo retouching experience


When we started retouching photos almost ten years ago we did it for fun. Then we realized that it's more in it. We began to look for clients who really need excellent quality and fast reliable post-processing service. Those, who take thousands of photos per week. With proper schedule, the latest hardware and dedicated, well-organized team we managed to provide all conditions to accomplish comissions always in time and in the best quality.

We have worked on more than 15,000 photos in the last 5 years. Yet, there are always new challenges, and we're up to it!

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